The Legend of the New Star

Sisters of the Moon, there is a new story to be told. It’s a tale of the coming of a great and much needed change. It brings with it a different way of seeing ourselves and our relationship to all of creation. It speaks not of a hierarchy, but rather it celebrates a wondrous circle of oneness. As with all new growth, this seed of consciousness begins its germination in the midst of darkness.,,, just as everything seems to be at its very blackest.

After many years of such darkness – so ominous that when any glimmer of light appeared, it was quickly sucked up in a whirling black hole of suffering –  the whole world cried out in anguish for an unknown change in the fabric of time. It was at that moment when that little seed of change started to grow. In the black of the night sky, a full moon appeared as an orb of brilliant promise, illuminating the fears of the most vulnerable as they they ceased their crying and watched in wonder. Out of that deep painful purple of emptiness, there emerged a beautiful image of a woman. She did not arrive, as women are expected to, with her head bowed in submission and her eyes cast downward. No, rather this woman’s presence was a grand sight of empowerment and great determination. Her eyes revealed an intent that was unmistakable as she wielded a luminous sword that reflected the promising light of that full moon.

A hush of anticipation filled the dark world, as everyone watched her swing her sword, that was engraved with the ancient knowledge of the Divine Feminine. She cut deep into the dark illusion that had shrouded the great vision of Truth on earth for thousands of years. People, who had long forgotten the possibility of goodness, shrank back expecting the end of hope. However,  the woman’s silver sword was not a weapon meant to end life, but instead this was an instrument whose purpose was to revive it. 

As light was pouring out of the deep gash made in the darkness by her sword, eleven Moon energy centers within the woman began to spiral and glow as bright as the radiant moon in the sky. The woman looked down at the people, who were staring at her in wonder, as she said, “No longer will I tolerate my rivers and seas to be polluted and my air and winged ones poisoned. I will not allow the sanctuary of my woodland creatures, who call the trees their home, to be stripped from the land by greed and ignorance. No, I will not permit another tree to be cut down in the name of profit when the loss is so much greater than any amount of money. No more will your Mother Earth be torn apart in search of coveted energy which always can be freely acquired without such violence to her.”

With the speaking of her words, all of creation, was now illumined by a feminine energy as the woman raised her sword of Truth and swept away the lies of scarcity that humanity had built its world upon. The ideas of plenty and gratitude then moved up through the decay of deceit peeling it away like a snake shedding the skin that no longer fit its body. The fear that had been taught, keeping all in bondage, was transformed, as anger was replaced by compassion. The deep purple grief and sadness felt by the masses then faded into the bright colors of joy. The desire to dominate and conquer fell away as peace inspired a grateful heart in all. From this moment on, no child would suffer by not knowing his or her worth. Now all eyes were open to the power of love rather than hate. No person would ever try to hurt another to quiet the intolerable pain of self loathing within. All creatures everywhere, both two legged and four, now had found their destined place in the family of things. No one was left out; no one felt abandoned. Rejoicing with the reassurance of this knowing, everyone began to sing a song of life that even awakened the angels.

That ancient message of peace and goodwill the angels had proclaimed so many years ago, finally had come to pass. As the angels celebrated this fulfillment, adding their words of hope to the music of humanity, the benevolence of their harmony filled up the vast cosmos with a great and wondrous star, even brighter than the one of long ago. But unlike that first stellar event, the light from this magnificent star was not alone in the sky. On this holy night, this wondrous star was made even brighter by the radiant light shining from each and every person. And under the full moon that night, there was finally that promised peace on Earth, and in each heart there rested that long awaited message of goodwill to all.

“The Rebirth of Light”

Let it be so!

Gift of the Jaguar – Transcendence happens when we face our fear

Gift of the Jaguar ©2020

Gift of the Jaguar

The radiant blue star shines high in the moonless north sky.

Frozen and still, yet appearing to be the ultimate source of life.

Quietly and slowly, it reveals the great quest destined for humanity

That will violently and completely transform the heart of fear in all.

Turning south, the crescent moon invites light into a ruby colored sky,

While a red star rises, as if signaling the beginning of a competitive race.

It creates vortices of energy whirling around with a wake up call

To the immediate challenge of sincerely changing our ways.

In the west, the light of the gibbous moon illuminates raging fires

Relentlessly consuming all life, like an angry, voracious dragon.

It threatens to destroy all that we thought we ever needed,

While leaving a void of expectation and grief in the smoldering ashes.

In the midst of chaos, anxious beings pursue a desperate search for survival,

As an ominous dark image slinks in giving vision to even greater fear.

A large, black jaguar, snarling and hissing, looks deeply into the heart of humanity,

To that place of terror that has held everyone captive in a deep, soulless place.

The old order, we thought would never end, falls apart, as many scream and run.

And those who believe in their disempowerment drop to their knees as victim.

But still others, in the midst of terror, dare to meet the gaze of the jaguar,

Confronting their fears, while standing fast and claiming their right to be heard.

This landscape of change becomes clearly visible under the light of the full moon,

While those who dared to touch the jaguar are transformed and looking eastward.

They feel the presence of Earth within, as their heart becomes of symbol of sacredness,

And the awareness held by all now envisions a belief in the truth of Oneness.

A restored Earth now shines as a star, and the jaguar is no longer a threat to safety.

The transformation of humanity’s belief in fear has birthed a knowledge of new order.

All creation opens like a blooming flower in its expression of this new paradigm.

The dark night has ended, and the sun rises on the dawn of a new and promising day.

Zoomer Muse

Zoomer Muse
Zoomer Muse© 2020

This is my muse teaching a class on Zoom …. with my eyes focused, my heart open and multi-tasking with ease! Painted while I taught my class, “Tea Time with the Muse. Had 10 participants from all over the USA and even one from Italy! Great fun!


Have some creative fun!

Tools of Transformation


                       Tea Time


                      the Muse ~


Want a delightful encounter that offers both fun and creativity?

    You are invited to share some tea and intuitive painting with the Muse, as you deepen your connection to that limitless imagination and daring within. The Muse, a visionary “woman” within each of us, refers to a way of being where seeing what is possible has more power than thoughts of limitation.  Guided by Carol Fairbanks, Intentional Creativity Teacher in Training, to paint your own inner Muse, you will explore the creative skills of the right brain while learning how to support them with the discerning skills of the left.

Let your inner Muse inspire you to find new confidence in your own creative voice as you paint in the Intentional Creativity way!  No previous art skills needed…so open your eyes, engage your heart and grab your brushes while you have some tea & creativity with your Muse!


                             “Tea time with the Muse” online class

                                       Date : Sunday, August 16, 2020

                                      Time: 12:30 to 5:00 PM

                          Investment: your art materials and your time!

Email for more information and to sign up: or 541-654-1765.

The Call of the Cosmos

Call of the Cosmos
“The Call of the Cosmos” © 2020

The universe is calling you to the gateway of transition… to a path through an ancient stone archway with carved archetypal symbols that hold the same cosmic mystery you have deep within you. This pilgrimage beckons all souls who are willing to release old perceptions and beliefs that no longer function to sustain the web of life. Only those with courage to brave the unknown terrain are encouraged to make this arduous trek of transformation. As you begin to remember who you really are, you daringly walk through this ancient rock portal. Before you lies a vast luminous labyrinth spiraling its way through the starry cosmos. Taking a step onto the path of this labyrinth, you sense a releasing of all the illusions that you thought defined you and your world. With each step forward toward the center, another illusion drops away from your consciousness, as you watch the reality, that you called home, take on a new vision. A perpetual flame in the center of the labyrinth, burning with the energy of unconditional love, lights up the path guiding your way through this unknown territory. 

Reaching the center, you sit down by the welcoming flame and begin to contemplate a new image of yourself and your world. You are not separate from others, but rather are part of a network of creation, all blessed in receiving the good of the universe.The self talk in your overactive mind of not being good or worthy enough quiets down and is replaced with thoughts of being whole and complete. Rather than your usual of fear of diversity, you begin to see all differences as miraculous expressions of a benevolent Creator, as they are woven together in a tapestry of oneness. Anxious thoughts of scarcity dissolve into images of bountiful plenty, equally shared by all beings. From the core of creation, a feeling of abundance emanates out to the far reaches of the universe touching everyone like the classical sounds of a grand symphony.  With each new insight, you slowly understand that true power is not to dominate and control, but instead inherent power is our ability to co-create our reality and to do so with integrity and compassion. Feeling heartfelt gratitude for the gifts of this receiving in the labyrinth, you suddenly notice that your body is changing.  Your new body is becoming less dense and more translucent as you see yourself filled with luminous particles of ancient stardust, of which you have always been made, but until now, were not aware of.

A snowy owl flies down from a nearby star and lands softly on your shoulder whispering words of wisdom that tell you how to bring healing light to a dark world in pain. With the reassuring presence of the owl on your shoulder, you pick up the staff burning with the  perpetual flame and suddenly feel that same multi-colored flame ignite in your heart.  As it burns away your sadness, you notice an ancient Sanskrit symbol that appears on your heart. The snowy owl tells you that sacred symbol of love is written in the hearts of all people before birth, but unfortunately most people never discover it. Feeling grateful for this labyrinth experience, you  turn to leave with a mission that has not only warmed your heart, but also has awakened your soul.  As you follow the path to the entrance, you find it exciting to see so many other radiant beings also walking this cosmic labyrinth while accepting their sacred role in manifesting a vision of hope. The teachings of the labyrinth have offered you, and indeed, all of humanity, a renewed sense of strength and purpose. With the clarity of your mission, you make your way out of the labyrinth motivated to take action, finally fulfilling the destiny of your sacred contract. 

Passing through the stone portal as you leave the labyrinth to enter back into the world, you are joined by a silver wolf, wearing a gold necklace with the same Sanskrit symbol for love that appeared on your heart.  The wolf’s vivid blue eyes reveal a commitment to always guide you through any challenge.  She tells you that her wolf presence in your Earth journey will always be a gentle reminder that nothing in the universe is static…. that everything is always evolving and expanding …. and that you will never stop learning and growing. It comforts you to know that you are not alone as you, supported by your animal companions, bring new awarenesses to a troubled world. With your animal teachers, you move forward inspired with a confidence that is nearly unshakeable.

As you look around the world that was once so familiar, you notice that everything now looks different after your pilgrimage through the labyrinth. All forms, living and nonliving, are vibrating with a colorful energy making everything appear lit up and magical, as if in celebration.  The veil between the visible and invisible has become so thin that solid matter appears to be almost translucent. You can see the colorful stardust dancing within everyone. Even the exchange of the colors of love are visible to you. Formerly, it was believed that on the Earth only certain places were considered sacred sites. But now you realize that everything in the world is sacred. As you gaze at the wonder of creation, it’s hard not to see a miracle everywhere you look. Yes, everything is holy now ….. everything.

Wolf Medicine

smashbk wolf
Exploring Wolf Medicine – from my art journal

A basket of wolf energy! This is what wound up in my pink azalea medicine basket after writing my question, “What do I need in my sacred basket to be an effective teacher and artist?’ I looked up “wolf in my Medicine cards and read that “wolf is the teacher. Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.” The Medicine Cards book goes on to say, “It is in the sharing of great truths that the consciousness of humanity will achieve great heights”. Sorta needed nowadays!