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                       Tea Time


                      the Muse ~


Want a delightful encounter that offers both fun and creativity?

    You are invited to share some tea and intuitive painting with the Muse, as you deepen your connection to that limitless imagination and daring within. The Muse, a visionary “woman” within each of us, refers to a way of being where seeing what is possible has more power than thoughts of limitation.  Guided by Carol Fairbanks, Intentional Creativity Teacher in Training, to paint your own inner Muse, you will explore the creative skills of the right brain while learning how to support them with the discerning skills of the left.

Let your inner Muse inspire you to find new confidence in your own creative voice as you paint in the Intentional Creativity way!  No previous art skills needed…so open your eyes, engage your heart and grab your brushes while you have some tea & creativity with your Muse!


                             “Tea time with the Muse” online class

                                       Date : Sunday, August 16, 2020

                                      Time: 12:30 to 5:00 PM

                          Investment: your art materials and your time!

Email for more information and to sign up: heartcreation@comcast.net or 541-654-1765.

The Call of the Cosmos

Call of the Cosmos
“The Call of the Cosmos” © 2020

The universe is calling you to the gateway of transition… to a path through an ancient stone archway with carved archetypal symbols that hold the same cosmic mystery you have deep within you. This pilgrimage beckons all souls who are willing to release old perceptions and beliefs that no longer function to sustain the web of life. Only those with courage to brave the unknown terrain are encouraged to make this arduous trek of transformation. As you begin to remember who you really are, you daringly walk through this ancient rock portal. Before you lies a vast luminous labyrinth spiraling its way through the starry cosmos. Taking a step onto the path of this labyrinth, you sense a releasing of all the illusions that you thought defined you and your world. With each step forward toward the center, another illusion drops away from your consciousness, as you watch the reality, that you called home, take on a new vision. A perpetual flame in the center of the labyrinth, burning with the energy of unconditional love, lights up the path guiding your way through this unknown territory. 

Reaching the center, you sit down by the welcoming flame and begin to contemplate a new image of yourself and your world. You are not separate from others, but rather are part of a network of creation, all blessed in receiving the good of the universe.The self talk in your overactive mind of not being good or worthy enough quiets down and is replaced with thoughts of being whole and complete. Rather than your usual of fear of diversity, you begin to see all differences as miraculous expressions of a benevolent Creator, as they are woven together in a tapestry of oneness. Anxious thoughts of scarcity dissolve into images of bountiful plenty, equally shared by all beings. From the core of creation, a feeling of abundance emanates out to the far reaches of the universe touching everyone like the classical sounds of a grand symphony.  With each new insight, you slowly understand that true power is not to dominate and control, but instead inherent power is our ability to co-create our reality and to do so with integrity and compassion. Feeling heartfelt gratitude for the gifts of this receiving in the labyrinth, you suddenly notice that your body is changing.  Your new body is becoming less dense and more translucent as you see yourself filled with luminous particles of ancient stardust, of which you have always been made, but until now, were not aware of.

A snowy owl flies down from a nearby star and lands softly on your shoulder whispering words of wisdom that tell you how to bring healing light to a dark world in pain. With the reassuring presence of the owl on your shoulder, you pick up the staff burning with the  perpetual flame and suddenly feel that same multi-colored flame ignite in your heart.  As it burns away your sadness, you notice an ancient Sanskrit symbol that appears on your heart. The snowy owl tells you that sacred symbol of love is written in the hearts of all people before birth, but unfortunately most people never discover it. Feeling grateful for this labyrinth experience, you  turn to leave with a mission that has not only warmed your heart, but also has awakened your soul.  As you follow the path to the entrance, you find it exciting to see so many other radiant beings also walking this cosmic labyrinth while accepting their sacred role in manifesting a vision of hope. The teachings of the labyrinth have offered you, and indeed, all of humanity, a renewed sense of strength and purpose. With the clarity of your mission, you make your way out of the labyrinth motivated to take action, finally fulfilling the destiny of your sacred contract. 

Passing through the stone portal as you leave the labyrinth to enter back into the world, you are joined by a silver wolf, wearing a gold necklace with the same Sanskrit symbol for love that appeared on your heart.  The wolf’s vivid blue eyes reveal a commitment to always guide you through any challenge.  She tells you that her wolf presence in your Earth journey will always be a gentle reminder that nothing in the universe is static…. that everything is always evolving and expanding …. and that you will never stop learning and growing. It comforts you to know that you are not alone as you, supported by your animal companions, bring new awarenesses to a troubled world. With your animal teachers, you move forward inspired with a confidence that is nearly unshakeable.

As you look around the world that was once so familiar, you notice that everything now looks different after your pilgrimage through the labyrinth. All forms, living and nonliving, are vibrating with a colorful energy making everything appear lit up and magical, as if in celebration.  The veil between the visible and invisible has become so thin that solid matter appears to be almost translucent. You can see the colorful stardust dancing within everyone. Even the exchange of the colors of love are visible to you. Formerly, it was believed that on the Earth only certain places were considered sacred sites. But now you realize that everything in the world is sacred. As you gaze at the wonder of creation, it’s hard not to see a miracle everywhere you look. Yes, everything is holy now ….. everything.

Wolf Medicine

smashbk wolf
Exploring Wolf Medicine – from my art journal

A basket of wolf energy! This is what wound up in my pink azalea medicine basket after writing my question, “What do I need in my sacred basket to be an effective teacher and artist?’ I looked up “wolf in my Medicine cards and read that “wolf is the teacher. Wolf is the pathfinder, the forerunner of new ideas who returns to the clan to teach and share medicine.” The Medicine Cards book goes on to say, “It is in the sharing of great truths that the consciousness of humanity will achieve great heights”. Sorta needed nowadays!

Tools of Transformation

Tools of Transformation
“Tools of Transformation” © 2020

                The Tools of Transformation: Eyes, Heart & Brushes!

As I was attempting unsuccessfully to calm my distressed inner child who was sobbing about the world’s latest disaster, my vibrant muse swept in. With her flaming red hair commanding attention and a look of delight emanating from her huge blue eyes, it was undoubtedly impossible to ignore her presence. Even my inner child stopped crying and looked up with expectation at my muse who was wearing a white radiant moonflower in her raven red hair. She was carrying a handful of brushes and waved them wildly, inviting both my inner child and me to engage in some creative fun.

Gesturing toward my studio, my muse, without asking, directed both of us to get up and move with her down a red path, which magically appeared and led toward a place where my blank white canvas and some luscious colors were awaiting us. Eager to escape the sadness, my inner child and I joined hands with my muse and followed that red path that led through the portal of my imagination and away from the stress we were experiencing.

As I sat down to face an expectant canvas on the easel in my studio, my muse turned on some lively music, and my inner child, forgetting the reasons for her melt down, began to lightheartedly dance around the room, as if nothing had ever been wrong. When I dipped my brush into a vibrant color, that was speaking to me, and stroked it across the canvas, a familiar flame of passion ignited and started to blaze in my heart. My eyes opened wider to see an inner landscape, not yet fully expressed in my life, and I started painting the mystical imagery I saw there. In that imaginary place I encountered a reality beyond the illusion of sadness and fear that was troubling me. While I was painting over that old oppressive version of a troubled world with bright colors of a new vision, my inner child skipped up next to me exploding with a shout of joy as she looked at my images.

Every time I paused in doubt, my muse leaned over lovingly and whispered in my ear yet another creative idea, spurring me on to more creative action. The longer I painted, the more energy I seemed to have. Linear time ceased to exist as long hours of painting continued through the dark hours of the night. I finished as the light of the full moon was shining brightly through the window, spotlighting my inner child who was sleeping peacefully on a pillow in the corner of the room.  My muse looked over my shoulder at my painting and smiled reassuringly. She took the fully-bloomed moonflower that adorned her red hair and fastened it carefully in my hair. At that moment, when all separation dropped away, I felt a an intimate oneness with my red-haired muse. Gratefully, I felt assured that she was huge part of my creative heart and confident that she always would be. As the moonlight lit up the darkness outside, luna moths fluttered playfully in search of the light that nourished and sustained them. And I, too, vowed to always do that same search  ….. with my eyes open, my heart engaged and my brushes in hand.

The Great Awakening

the Great Awakening
“The Great Awakening” © 2020

On the darkest of nights with only a hint of light from the crescent moon, Earth Mother began to feel her labor pains, signaling the time of great change. With each new contraction, the birth portal, filled with ancient symbols, opened further splitting the cosmos and causing all beings everywhere to cease their activity in suspense  of what was to come. Some people predicted doom and the end of everything. Others, panicked by their belief in scarcity, were ruled by their greed as they desperately grabbed more than their share of goodness. Still others, sadly feeling dire hopelessness, chose to just lay down and die.

But there was also a group of people who rejected that fear and instead chose to believe in the benevolence of creation. They made a choice to find the knowledge, lost long ago to humanity, that showed us how to live in harmony. Those awakened ones  sought out the ancients for wisdom which had been long forgotten. They talked with the indigenous for their knowledge of our vital connection to the natural world. They looked up to the stars for the promise of a peaceful new world – one that nurtured everyone and everything.

As the awakened ones began to learn and practice different ways of living, a portal, similar to that mysterious birth portal in the cosmos, formed also in their hearts and slowly started to open. Their unfailing courage and demonstration gave Earth Mother strength in bearing her difficult labor in the birthing this new paradigm, even in the midst of so many who continued to make it more painful with their ignorance and fear.

As Earth Mother gave one last heave, the huge portal, filling up most of the night sky, violently opened allowing for the birth that was destined and most certainly inevitable. Crying and falling to their knees, all people sensed that their worst fears surely would follow. They shook with emotion as they heard a loud roar of an animal from the portal and watched in horror as a large-toothed beast emerged from the opening. Everyone nodded in agreement that surely the presence of this ancient beast confirmed their worst fears of demise, and that its purpose was to devour all life on earth.  Everyone agreed, that is, except for those who were practicing new ways of being and living, even in the adversity of such terror and pain.

Just at the moment of greatest suffering, a pure white barn owl, who could see better in the darkness than any living thing, flew silently across the sky looking down at this chaos. As the bird flew peacefully over the portal, it seemed to be foretelling an outcome more beneficial than this grave vision of destruction that everyone was screaming about. The owl seemed to be announcing her birth when Earth Mother finally brought forth a new hope for the world, a vision of such loveliness and beauty that it rivaled all of her previous creations put together. Out of that portal, framed with ancient symbols, a magnificent woman emerged who personified power and strength. But her power was not the old paradigm of domination and control; rather it was the original plan of oneness and balance which ultimately empowers all. As this beautiful woman, called Gaia, started repairing the broken links in the web of life on earth, the large-toothed beast roared and moved beside her becoming her companion and protector. Together they created a vision of a heart-centered way of life, as the bondage of violence and oppression, which had imprisoned so many for so long, fell away like leaves on a dead tree.

As the newly reborn Gaia and her beast companion nurtured the new life-giving growth, a darkness that had shrouded the earth with its destructive lies was finally illumined.  People got up off of their knees and looked into each other’s eyes seeing for the first time a reflection of themselves. A healing portal then opened in all hearts allowing Gaia’s light to reveal the Truth that had always been there. Celebrating the paradox of oneness and great diversity, all people joined hands encircling the globe and danced to the music of the cosmos, not heard for many millennia. The fear in everyone’s heart was replaced with new ways of imaging and thinking and feeling. It was the morning of creation again with its promise of goodness and hope. It was the dawning of all that everyone dreamed of and prayed for. We were back in the garden of blessing and plenty, but this time with the wisdom of the heart.

So it was. And so it is. And so it shall always be!

Under the Light of the Full Flower Moon

“Under the Light of the Full Flower Moon” © 2020

As the big orange sun sets below the horizon, and the Flower Moon rises high in the sky, the ceremonial fire is lit. The drumming begins, breaking the evening silence, and you are called to a special place to be among women. You and all women are summoned to the sacred Tent of Red Thread, where you can sense the presence of an ancient energy as you walk slowly up the pathway leading to the entrance.  A winged woman greets you by name as you enter the red tent, and you walk around a circle of stones to find your place among this family of women.

When you look into the eyes of each woman in the circle, a remembrance within you begins to awaken a memory – one that has been waiting for a long time to be heard and felt. As the ball of red yarn is passed around the circle, each woman has an opportunity to speak of what is in her heart, while all listen intently with full attention of both ears and eyes. In this honored sharing, something shifts, and the Divine Feminine Eye opens, inspiring all the women to see life differently in a new spiritual light.  When the ball of red yarn is in your hands, you find your voice, and speak about your piece of the red thread – your own personal role in the evolution of things. The bond is set, and all women connect deeply to one another while experiencing the vibrations of love that fill the tent.

As the capacity for compassion grows in each woman, an inner benevolence is felt- a goodness so ancient that it has always been there and yet is newly born and recently revealed to every women in this magical ceremony.  A song fills the tent and a higher energy is felt bringing forth a jubilance that erupts into ecstatic dance. As you and the other women celebrate your joy, all of you grow with the wisdom of your true Self,  acknowledging the vital role of every woman’s destiny. The Tent of the Red Thread sways with such merriment that it sends messages of healing to every part of the cosmos.  Wounds are healed, hearts are mended and all are comforted.

Great Mother looks down at the radiant red tent and smiles with an affection only fully known in the heart of the Divine Feminine. As Great Mother calls each woman by name, She blesses each one in her journey that is transforming the world. The wondrous cycle of Love that sustains the web of life, and indeed all creation, is now complete as the Red Thread ritual ends.  The radiant moon spreads its light over the Earth like the petals of a flower in full bloom. One by one the women leave the Tent of the Red Thread under the light of the Full Flower Moon. You and this community of inspired women now have a vision of your sacred service to a hopeful world. And so it is!

Joy to the World




In the spirit of destiny,  a wise snowy owl gently lifts up a grieving Earth

and places her in a medicine basket filled with life-giving evergreens.

Earth Mother sighs as she feels the vibrations from a heart of gold in the basket

and is comforted by its vibrations of kindness dedicated to those in need of love.

“Rest easy, dear Mother” whispered the snowy owl, whose feathers glowed

with a radiant benevolence and extended outward with an intention of compassion.

The snowy owl then ties a stream of flags, woven together with a red thread, to the basket

as the wind enthusiastically waves its ardent prayers of healing to all of creation.

The brilliant Sun looks down upon Earth Mother with the eyes of a loving father,

and illuminates within her a primal ancient knowing 

– a knowledge of a long forgotten vision of oneness and balance.

Peacefully contemplating that enduring truth, Earth Mother drifts into a restorative sleep

and dreams of the many women who are painting images of wholeness and love,

women whose creativity is awakening the whole world to an intuitive truth of life

– a truth that has always resided deep within the soul of each sentient being.

As that seed of awareness breaks open within all, it sprouts through

the darkness of separation and sadness,

while the sun appears to shine even brighter in the sky.

Earth Mother watches those broken places in her web of life, torn apart by fear and greed,

now being restored to wholeness, while the alchemy of creativity stirs the mystery and magic.

A vision of harmony unifying all souls, who had been driven apart by the lies of scarcity,

is rebirthed and that ancient idea of a heaven-filled Earth opens the hearts of all people.

The whole cosmos begins to dance in joy to the rhythm of this original song of life.

Completing the legend of the Sacred Medicine Bird, the snowy owl flies back toward the Sun

and a solitary white feather floats silently into the medicine basket landing next to Earth.

The healer is healed, and all sing together in oneness and celebration –

“Joy to the world

All our flags unfurled

Joy to the creatures

And the deep blue sea

Joy to you and me! “